Tradition and legacy

Carlos I belongs to the Osborne Group, one of the oldest and most prestigious producers of wine and spirits in Spain. Founded in 1772 by Thomas Osborne, the company has been producing, selecting, and improving a truly renowned and authentic product for more than two centuries. 

Its quality has been honoured over time with numerous awards and accolades reserved only for the highest-quality products worldwide, such as Brandy Producer of the Year 2020.

History of Carlos I


The origins of brandy date back to the 7th century when the Arabs, who had settled in Jerez by then, distilled wine to obtain alcohol for medical and cosmetic purposes. As early as the 16th century, winemakers and their acquaintances in the Jerez area were drinking aged grape spirits, but it was not until the mid-19th century that it began to be sold commercially in significant volumes.

The history of Carlos I goes back to 1889, when a cellar master found some very old casks containing brandy in a corner of his cellar. No one knew where they had come from, or how long they had been there. But the moment he tasted the contents, he discovered that the precious liquid had, "an exceptional flavour capable of conquering the world".


The winemaker named the beverage after Carlos I, in homage to the King depicted in Titian's painting after the Battle of Mühlberg in 1548. His horse has become an iconic feature on our bottles and gift boxes. Its victory? To become the number one Brandy de Jerez Solera Gran Reserva in the world, and a benchmark for spirits. Likewise, the V that appears on our bottles forever marks the spirit of conquest.